$40,000 in donations across the Atlantic provinces so far! Thank you for your support!

Giving Back

Giving back is what our brand is all about. We do not only donate to the canadian mental health association and foundation, we also have donated to a variety of other initiatives all relating to mental health.

In the past year we have donated over $15,000 to mental health initiative as well as to the mental health associations of Newfoundland and labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and the mental health foundation of Nova Scotia. We do not only give to organizations but we have also sponsored teams and people trying to make their dreams come true. Here are some of the organizations and people we have helped.

-$4835 to the mental health foundation of NS

-$5000 to the mental health association of NL

-$2000 to the mental health association of PE

-$1000 to the mental health association of NB

-$5000 to an initiative for troops over seas with PTSD.

-$700 in T-Shirts to the Autism society of Prince Edward Island.

-$3100 to the Fire Combat Team in CBS, Newfoundland

-$2500 to the Fire Challenge Team in Halifax, Nova Scotia

We get messages daily asking for sponsorships and donations, unfortunately we can not help everyone. We have given a large number of small donations to people over the past year from schools to sports teams. We will continue to try to help as many people as we possibly can because giving back is what we are all about.