About Tim...

Fog Off Clothing Co. was established in 2014 in Fishermans Cove, Nova Scotia. The brand founder Tim Henneberry has for the entirety of his life lived with ADHD, OCD and PTSD. He has learned how to navigate through life with those labels attached to him by others. From an early age he focused on turning his “disorders” into superpowers and used them to his advantage. Tim was compelled to create an instrument of awareness to help change the stigma attached to mental health and find a way to contribute support to grass roots mental health organizations donating a portion of sales. He started the Fog Off brand and uses his clothing as a vessel to spread his affirming message,

“No One Should Travel Down a Foggy Path
That compassionate message statement is proudly quoted on the back of

The brands iconic “Finger Logo” is aptly named, as the “F” in Fog Off resembles a middle finger turned sideways. This clever design immediately grabs attention and ignites conversations. Conversations that bring about changing the stigma surrounding mental health. Ultimately this leads to creating an open, safe environment to discuss these important topics. The finger logo also represents the state of mind and emotions caused by “fog” in mental health. Mental Health is a term that accurately describes the struggles and difficulties faced by individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues – not the individual themselves.

Over time society continues to evolve and improve our communication. We will find better ways to approach discussions about mental health and work towards removing the stigma attached to it. For far too long society has set a narrow minded standard for how to understand and support those who are struggling simply by labeling and deeming them as weak. These individuals are incredibly strong for facing their challenges head on and by finding a way to navigate their inner compass forward.

One of the greatest lessons one can be taught through a struggle and battle with mental health is to always:

“Be You, Be Human, Be Kind and definitely Be Badass.” This is another one of our mantras branded on our collections that resonates with our supporters.

Fog Off is a brand that resonates with all of us, whether directly or indirectly impacted by mental health. Some of us may be more intelligent, stronger or “luckier in life” but that does not mean we are immune to the challenges of living with “Fog.” This term encompasses the struggles we all face regardless of our circumstances. When we are smarter, stronger, or more fortunate we should use our gifts to the best of our ability by teaching, training, supporting, and sharing with those around us.

The “Fog” is a universal experience with no barriers of age, race, or appearance. That is why The Fog Off brand is for everyone.

“It takes only one person to create something that can go viral, it takes the world to make it go global. With your influence and your support, the significant power of the Fog Off brand can be just that.” (T.H.)