About Tim...

The founder of Fog Off Clothing Co. is Tim Henneberry. Tim started the brand in 2014 In Nova Scotia. Growing up a commercial fisherman in the Henneberry family family business, he's no stranger to hard work, dedication and breaking boundaries. From a very young age Tim was always was determined to be different and make a change in the world. He's definitely accomplished what he set out to do. At the age of eight Tim thought himself how to play the guitar, piano to sing and write music/lyrics all by ear and without lessons he spent his young age singing wherever he could as he felt that Music was an instrument itself and had the ability to help people through rough times and struggles, through lyrics and words. Tim followed that dream landing him in Nashville in the recording studio with the likes of Kent Wells (Dolly Partons producer) and co-writing his albums with some of Nashvilles biggest hit song writers. He spent 2012 - pre covid touring the United States and hitting #48 on Billboards Top 50 country charts until covid hit and put the brakes on the touring for him. Now let's back up a bit lol. Tim graduated at the age 17 and then shortly after he stepped away from the commercial fishing side of things and built a very well know and established seafood restaurant (which would and did help create the Finacial support and ability to pursue his music career). With the help of his mom Sharon as his business partner the restaurant, for 27yrs served up Tims recipes and dishes serving 100's of thousands of patrons. In 2014 Tim wanted to do more than just be a restauranteur and recording artist in Nashville. Tim has spent his entire life living with ADHD and fortunately used it as a super power in a sense, he says "I'm not gonna lie there were definitely some hurdles and struggles at times trying to focus all that energy and the wild ideas, dreams and thought processes appropriately and accurately" he also says he was fortunate to have parents who saw his "disorder" as a gift and refused to medicate him at an early age because, as his mom says "I didn't want to change who he was. He was different and had such big dreams and desires to be different than all the other kids" she went on to say that " It is in fact the people in this world who are seen as different to be the ones who make the biggest differences in the world". So back to the creation of the Fog Off Brand...

Leave it up to Tim to take the cheeky play on words (FOG OFF) and turn it into something powerful and meaningful. Created to get your attention  and to initiate the conversation about Mental Health (our "Fog") and guess what, it worked and is still working and will continue to work with the help of his brand supporters or in a sense, fans. Tim wanted and wants the brand too spread globally and needed a vessel to help do that so he thought "Clothing" was the best vessel because we ALL need it and use it. What someone is actually wearing  can start or create many conversations, like "nice shirt, or nice outfit, or "wow, look what they are wearing". "That's perfect" Tim thought, the people wearing the Fog Off clothing will spread the message of the brand, merely by wearing a piece of clothing it could/would initiate the conversation about the meaning behind it. This would create the environment and opportunity for people to feel comfortable talking about their own "Fog".

Tim wears many hats, literally from designing the graphics, catchy logos and the meaning behind each one of them. (Every logo has a meaning and signifies some form of relative association to ones mental fog). Tim also decides on the designs and quality of each garment and placement of logos, he is involved in the production of the clothing, website, social media, wholesale, retail, the building and design of each retail stores and locations. He is a hands on owner and operator and believes that it is key to know every operation of all working departments and components of a brand and business. At any given point you may find Tim wiring new lights or building a store front sign, maybe planting the gardens or hanging the xmas decorations... he is that guy!

There really is so much more that Tim has accomplished and will continue too, in his lifetime. Spending every moment contradicting and defying the associated behaviours, traits and stigmas put on his so-called disorder. "Don't spend your life being a COPY be an ORIGINAL"

Tims want to eventually write a book about managing life with ADHD instead of trying to treat it. "An operators manual is definitely more useful than just getting a diagnoses". Who better to write that manual than someone who has used what he has be given to make it work in his favour instead of against him.