More Than Just A Brand

"No One Should Travel Down A Foggy Path Alone "

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of those affected by a mental health disorder. This is accomplished by giving a voice along with a vessel to spread  our message and fight the stigma. 

 A message from our founder.. 

Fog Off Clothing Co is a brand with a powerful, meaningful and relative message that we all can relate to. Day to day we all struggle with some form of mental fog, the things in life that take the wheel and steer us in a direction in which we have no control.

It can be stress, depression, mental illness, bullying, a terminal disease, relationship issues, addiction, pressure, or social acceptance. We all have or know someone who has had to deal with this mental fog or are in the midst of it.

Fog Off Clothing Co gives a voice, and is a vessel to spread and share the message loud and clear when you want to be heard. Supporting and helping one another is what this brand believes in 100%. - Tim Henneberry, Ceo  

To learn more about about what Fog Off Clothing Co stands for and the reason Tim created the brand visit our "Behind The Brand" page. Or you can visit "our partners" page to see some other organizations that are helping lift the fog off mental health.