Behind The Brand


The Fog Off logo is a bit edgy but that is how it is supposed to be. It is meant to grab your attention and get people talking about mental health.“If you’re walking down the street with a friend or whatever, and they have a Fog Off shirt on and you’re not familiar with the brand, 100 per cent guaranteed the person will say ‘Fog Off? That’s cool,’ or ‘What’s Fog Off?’ And then, boom! The conversation gets started about mental health.”

“Fog Off”……
A powerful and meaningful use of words. 
Created to catch your attention and get the conversation 
started about mental health.
The “fog” in “Fog Off” is in representation of the mental fog
we have all experienced at some point in our lives.
Some of us struggle with the mental fog on a daily basis.
Tim Henneberry the founder of the brand has his fair share 
of “fog” living daily with ADHD, OCD, PTSD and anxiety.
Tim wanted to use his clothing brand as a vessel to help spread awareness
and try to help end the stigma attached to mental health. 
The concept behind the brand comes from Tims own personal background 
and story….
“Growing up a fisherman and spending much of my young adult life 
out on the Atlantic Ocean, there have been several occasions when we’d be 
hauling our fishing gear into the boat and then suddenly I’d look up 
and find ourselves  in a black bank of fog and the
“Compass and Radar” are out.  As a fisherman the first thing you do
is “ANCHOR” off your vessel and then you pick up your phone
and call another fisherman in the area to come and help get you out 
of that bank of “Fog”.
That is where the concept for the “Anchor & Compass Logo” 
and the “Anchor Logo” came into play.
The Anchor represents stability, when a storm rolls in or approaches wether you’re out at sea or in everyday life you anchor down your vessel or yourself until the storm passes and the “Fog” lifts. 
The Compass represents direction, sometimes we all need to be led into 
the opposite direction of where we are heading, out of the “Fog”!
We are all vessels in this world and we can all wind up finding ourselves
In a “Fog” unexpectedly. It is a dark, cold and scary place to be in. 
Tims brand and his life slogan is…

Fog Off Clothing is not meant to just create a dialogue about mental health it was a brand created to give back. Fog Off Donates 10% of it profits to the mental health association of various provinces as well as mental health initiatives.

In June 2016 Fog Off Clothing partnered with the retail store Pseudio and is now located in 30 stores across the Atlantic provinces. 

Our brand is not just a brand it is meant to be a security blanket. On those days you feel like you are trapped in a fog, you put on your fog off shirt and you know that you are not alone in the fog. "Nobody should have to travel down a foggy path alone."