Behind The Brand

"It’s a bright sunny day and I’m out on a fishing boat and I’m hauling my gear up. And I look up and - boom! There’s a bank of fog and I’m in it.”

Tim Henneberry the creator of Fog Off Clothing Co. came up with the idea after a 7 year marriage to a psychiatrist. When the relationship ended he felt like he was in a fog. “So, you know, to be in that place, is a really dark and dreary place to be in" - he says. Being married to a psychiatrist he got to see first hand how much help is needed for mental health awareness and funding. He came up with the analogy drawing from his past as a fisherman. His father and older brother are fisherman, he would spend his summers and days of school out on the fishing boat hauling gear. When a fog rolls in it can happen in minutes, all of a sudden you are trapped feeling alone. Everyone that has suffered from mental health can relate to this. We all feel alone and this is why so many of us are unwilling to reach out and talk about our fog. 

Fog Off started in 2014 with a store in Nova Scotia then in 2015 it quickly grew to 3 stores; a seasonal store in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island and one in St. John's, Newfoundland. In June 2016 Fog Off Clothing partnered with the retail store Pseudio and is now located in 30 stores across the atlantic provinces. 

The Fog Off logo is a bit edgy but that is how it is supposed to be. It is meant to grab your attention and get people talking about mental health.“If you’re walking down the street with a friend or whatever, and they have a Fog Off shirt on and you’re not familiar with the brand, 100 per cent guaranteed the person will say ‘Fog Off? That’s cool,’ or ‘What’s Fog Off?’ And then, boom! The conversation gets started about mental health.”

Fog Off Clothing is not meant to just create a dialogue about mental health it was a brand created to give back. Fog Off Donates 10% of it profits to the mental health association of various provinces as well as the mental health foundation of Nova Scotia. Fog Off Clothing also sponsors athletes and other organizations such as a champion boxer, a motocross racer and 2 fire combat challenge teams.

Our brand is not just a brand it is meant to be a security blanket. On those days you feel like you are trapped in a fog, you put on your fog off shirt and you know that you are not alone in the fog. "Nobody should have to travel down a foggy path alone."