Fog Off Poem

The fog doesnt pick its victim.

Its the unwanted aftermath of some Unexpected or unpredicted event.

Its the unwanted monkey wrench that life throws at you.

Its the phone call you didnt want to get.

With news you didnt want to hear

The fog doesnt have a face.

So, dont feel singled out it affects all human race.

Its engulfment unexpectedly surrounds you in its cold dark place.

Like a ship off its course on a ferocious sea

You seek for your anchor or that light houses beam.


Your ships crew can be all hands-on deck.

You must ask them for help to avoid a shipwreck. 

Theyll provide guidance out of that storm.

Let their words be the sound of that desired foghorn.


Lost and afraid on lifes uncharted waters

You await the storms end, you want it to stop,

ultimately you want it to just,

Fog Off.


Our brands message at Fog Off 

we have set in stone. 

Its in the times of darkness,

No one should travel down that Foggy path alone